Cute Critters that Destroy Roofs

There are many animals and insects out there that should have been pets but turned out to be pests. It’s frustrating that these cute creatures can bring various diseases and destroy parts of the home. While it can be sad for some animal advocates that these creatures need to be driven out of residential facilities, it has to happen. Otherwise, these pests can cause massive damage that can result in added costs.



The roof is an area of the home that many homeowners believe to be durable enough to keep pests off. However, several creatures have the power to chew off shingles or cause roofing material to rot and deteriorate.


  1. Raccoons


Raccoon families are beautiful to look at when they gather on top of trees or around the garden. However, they can be dangerous when they’re left to hang out on the roof. If you want to keep your home free from raccoons that could breed inside your roof, it is best to keep tree branches away from the roofing area.


If damage has been laid out by raccoons and you see some holes on the roof, it is best to contact a roof repair Adelaide expert. After the repairs are completed, make sure to cut tree branches that touch the roof or are too close to the roofing area. This way, raccoons won’t have an entry point.




Birds are some of the most amazing creatures this world has. They are majestic to look at and fascinating to observe. Did you know that birds can cause damage to roof shingles? It may seem impossible at first, but the truth is, their droppings are highly acidic.


High levels of acid can cause roofing materials to rot at a fast pace. If you happen to notice rotting parts of the roof, contact your roof repair Adelaide provider right away. Rotting can cause severe damage if it is not addressed early on.




Yes, termites cannot chew on the roof itself, but wooden materials that hold the roof together can be home to these critters. Termites are interesting insects when you watch them from documentaries and YouTube videos. However, they can bring irreversible damage in real life.


If your ceiling starts to leak whenever it rains, call your local roof repair guy immediately. Your provider will check on the roof to determine if the damage is small enough for repairs or if a total replacement is more suitable to ensure that no leaking occurs again.


The roof area is a critical part of the home that should be taken care of as much as you do for your interiors. While some animals and insects may be a refreshment to the eyes when watched from afar, they can bring roofing damage that you will regret in the future due to costs.


Consult with your local roof repair expert regarding maintenance tips for the roof so you can prevent early damage and keep off pests.