Inertia-Health-Group Physio Semaphore Clinic

Inertia-Health-Group physio Semaphore is a specialised branch of physiotherapy responsible for the rehabilitation of mobility after an injury. A physiotherapist has the knowledge and skills to assess the injury or condition of the patient, develop a customised treatment plan, and perform a range of other physiotherapy services, including massage therapy and muscle relaxation techniques. There are many physiotherapists in Semaphore, and they specialise in several different areas, including paediatrics, sports injuries, and musculoskeletal health.


The clinic was founded in 1999 by Kirsty Rosserson. She has over 25 years of private practice experience, including extensive post-graduate studies in Manipulative Physiotherapy. In 1999, she presented at the 5th IOC Sports Medicine Conference and acted as a physiotherapist for the SASI swimming team. She also holds advanced training in dry needling. Outside of physiotherapy, Kirsty enjoys spending time with her family and friends.



Inertia-Health-Group physio Semaphore has over 25 years of private practice experience. She is a masters graduate in Manipulative Physiotherapy and was invited to speak at the 5th International Sports Medicine Conference in 1999. She also is an invited speaker at the fifth IOC Sports Medicine Conference. She has extensive experience treating sports injuries and has expertise in dry needling. Kirsty enjoys spending time with her family and enjoying the great outdoors in her spare time.


The clinic opened in 1999 by Kirsty Rosserson, a physiotherapist with over 25 years of private practice experience. She holds a Masters degree in Manipulative Physiotherapy and has lectured at the 5th IOC Sports Medicine Conference. She also served as the physiotherapist for the SASI swimming team. In addition, she has extensive experience in dry needling, massage therapy, and Pilates and enjoys spending time with her family.


The physiotherapy clinic at Semaphore Road is a premier physical therapy clinic in Port Adelaide Enfield. It offers the best-individualised physiotherapy services to its patients. The clinic also has complimentary services like massage, clinical Pilates, and dry needling. If you need a physiotherapist, visit Semaphore Road Physio & Sports Injury Clinic. There are many PT clinics in the city.


Inertia-Health-Group physio Semaphore Road is a physiotherapy clinic located in Port Adelaide Enfield in South Australia. The physiotherapists at this clinic are highly skilled and will use the latest techniques to treat your injuries. They will provide a holistic approach to your treatment to improve your overall health. It also offers a wide range of complementary services, including Massage Therapy, Clinical Pilates, and dry needling.


Physiotherapists at SRP are passionate about assisting clients with their injuries. They are trained to help people recover from sports injuries and regain mobility and flexibility. In addition, they have a passion for helping athletes achieve their goals. They can help you overcome various injuries and improve your performance in sport. The clinic is open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and is a convenient location for residents of the suburb.