Five Questions to Ask Before Booking a Driving Lesson with the Right Instructor

Do you want to learn how to drive but don’t know where to start? Choosing a driving instructor is a crucial step towards learning how to drive. There are plenty of options available when it comes down to finding the right driving instructor, but knowing what questions to ask before booking your first lesson can make all the difference. This article shares five questions that should be on every learner driver’s list before they commit their time and money with an instructor.

Question #1: How long have you been teaching?

driving-instructors-PerthFirst of all, asking an instructor for their teaching tenure isn’t rude. It’s essential since they will be teaching you how to drive! Since driving instructors Perth have different levels of experience, a learner driver must know their instructor has the patience, knowledge, and experience required.

Question #2: What is your driving lesson procedure?

Preparation and organisation are two key elements to any successful driving lesson. Ask the instructor what their preparation process entails for you to have a smooth, injury-free learning experience. This will give you an idea of how efficient they work when it comes down to preparing for your driving lesson.

Question #3: What is your favourite part of being a driving instructor?

It may seem like a personal question, but it’s also an important one. Everyone has a favourite thing about their job, and driving instructors Perth are no different. Learning what they love most about being a driving instructor can be helpful to you as the student since it will help them get more excited for your lesson. This is beneficial because having an enthusiastic teacher will make learning much easier (and fun!).

Question #4: What is the passing rate among your previous students?

By asking this question, you’ll determine the success rate for students that the instructor has taught. This will give you a rough idea of how well they teach and whether or not their teaching methods work (and are worth your time). At the same time, you can also determine if the instructor can help you pass your driver’s test or not.

Question #5: Why should I choose you over other driving instructors?

Asking this question will give you a better idea of what makes that instructor so unique. It’s also important because it can help you decide whether or not their teaching method is suitable for your learning style and personality, plus how well they know the rules and regulations mandated by driving authorities such as the DMV. In addition, it also lets you know how familiar they are with their competition and how much they want to get the job.

BONUS Question: Do you have proper licensing?

Of course, you shouldn’t forget to ask any potential candidate about their credentials and qualifications. The driving instructor you’re looking to hire should have their driver’s license. If they aren’t, this could be a sign that they don’t take the profession seriously enough and are potentially dangerous to students (since they may not know what is legal or illegal while behind the wheel).