Top Features of the CLIMAT Daikin Air Conditioner Split System

Buying an air conditioner is pretty daunting. With a plethora of air conditioning options available, where do you start? There are many great variants with some added extra features, which others genuinely provide the best air conditioning experience by saving both time and energy. Some even offer high-efficiency performance. However, no matter what these air conditioners offer, nothing can come close to the CLIMAT Daikin air conditioner, and it’s split system. Choosing the Daikin split system air conditioning system is like choosing a new car. You can have the standard model that functions just like how you expect. You can also have the one that has some extra features that will make your life even better. Either way, you will know that you’re getting nothing but value out of the split system air conditioner from Daikin. With that said, here are some notable features about this fantastic air conditioner:

Intelligent Power Saver

Daikin Air ConditionerNowadays, people are blessed with having smarter and more convenient appliances. The Daikin split system air conditioner falls under that category with its power-saving features. This AC unit comes with an infrared sensor called the “intelligent eye.” This feature detects motion inside a room. When a room seems to be empty for about 25 minutes, the intelligent eye will detect this and reconfigure the air conditioning settings to energy-saving operations. This feature will help reduce your power expenses. The intelligent eye is a great addition, especially if your family is going inside and out all the time. You can even set the timer from the default 25 minutes to whatever time you want for it to alter the settings.

Climate Control via Your Smartphone

Imagine you go out to attend to some errands, and you forgot to turn off your CLIMAT Daikin air conditioner. Now, you must go back and turn it off manually. Well, not anymore! With its new climate control system, you can now turn your air conditioner on or off no matter where you air. At the same time, you can also adjust the temperature and set your air conditioner ahead before you get home. That way, you’ll be greeted with either a warm and relaxing, cool air, or calm and cozy heat.

So as you can see, the CLIMAT Daikin air conditioner is one of the best split system air conditioning units you can purchase. It’s such a convenient AC unit that you wouldn’t want to replace it with anything else. So, what are you waiting for? Click here and order your Daikin split system air conditioner today.