Finding the Best Swim Shorts For You

A high-quality pair of ORTC Clothing swim shorts provide a durable and practical alternative to a bathing suit, a bikini, or a string bikini. Designed for a snug fit, these shorts can be worn while surfing, swimming, working out in the pool, playing volleyball, or simply lounging by the pool. Available in all the hottest new styles and colours, some shorts even look like bathing suits! Selections for Men Include Designer Long Sleeve Surfwear

Trunks & Waist

Trunk swim shorts are one of the most popular styles of ORTC Clothing swim shorts for men. With their attractive and roomy construction, trunks are a comfortable choice for men who like to spend time outdoors. Available in various materials, including nylon and cotton, swim trunks are also available in an array of stylish colour choices, making them very fashionable for everyday wear.

Long & Thigh

The majority of ORTC Clothing swim shorts for men are available in long and mid-length options. Mid-length styles offer more coverage than do long styles and offer more comfort as well. These shorts are great for pool parties, lounging around after work, or lounging around the house on your lunch break. On the other hand, long styles offer more coverage than do shorter styles but tend to be more uncomfortable. These shorts can easily be worn as swim trunks as well.

Swim Shorts For Guys

A pair of ORTC Clothing swim shorts for men will typically be sold with a matching trunk. A swim trunk is a handy option because it gives the man with whom he is wearing the ability to discreetly access his privates while still walking around in style. In addition, the ability to wear a trunk with the same colour as his swim shorts allows for a nice touch of coordination between the two. Many of the most popular swim trunk designs are in the classic nautical patterns and colours that have been popular for decades, and some of these designs remain popular today.

Bikini Style

If you are looking for ORTC Clothing swim shorts that are both comfortable and sexy, you may be interested in a bikini style. Bikinis are designed for both the casual beachgoer who wants to lounge around on the beach all day, as well as the woman who has plans to take her body with her to the beach. A bikini style swim shorts often feature a high-waisted design and are either made of spandex or in a cotton/spandex blend. A bikini style swim shorts often do not include an elastic waistband.

Longer Length Shorts

If you prefer a set of shorts that offer more coverage than a bikini style, a longer-length set of shorts is the way to go. Long-length swim shorts are usually found in the standard black/blue colour combinations but may also come in other colours and patterns. In addition, some long-length shorts, like the “speedos”, are designed with an attached garter belt.