Why See a Physiotherapist?

Anyone who has arthritis does not have to settle for conventional medication and drugs to treat it. You probably do not know it, but there are natural ways of successfully eliminating arthritis and other pains in the body. One of those ways is physiotherapy. It is performed by a healthcare professional called a physiotherapist, and the purpose is to eliminate bodily pain and, in the process, maintain a healthy, active and independent lifestyle. Generally, a physio – Inertia Health Group will give someone like you the advice you need as well as reassurance that your condition will improve and that you eventually will regain your physical activities and strength in no time.

The physiotherapist is a professional who has the expertise in diagnosing and treating joint and muscle problems. Your session with a physiotherapist will start by asking you questions and examining the joints which you find painful. This assessment will help them identify what the best treatments apply to your unique case.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

If you are wondering why you feel a lot of pain to some of your joints in the body, a physiotherapist can provide adequate answers. They will help you understand what happens to both your joints and muscles if you have arthritis. Understanding your arthritis is essential for you to manage or even minimise its adverse effects to the body.

Pain Management

Arthritis will not only cause pain in one part of your body, but it will also spread to other joints and muscles. Although medications can help, nothing can compare to the convenience a physiotherapist provides. They will offer you with some methods of pain relief that will work effectively alongside your medicine. Here are some treatments that you can also apply in between appointments:

  • Ice packs can help to soothe the hot and swollen joints
  • Hot packs will help to relax your tense and tired muscles
  • Self-pacing

The more you overdo things, you more likely will suffer from pain. Your physiotherapist can advise you about increasing your activity level at a rate you can cope with and finding the right and best balance between rest and activity. Planning your activities is one of the best ways to prevent overdoing things and thus, letting you enjoy the things that you love to do.

Value of Graded Exercises

Graded exercises will help to enhance your joint and muscle health. This treatment will help to strengthen both your muscles and joints which increase your level of fitness. It is best if you keep on improving your general fitness and stamina because it will help to increase your activity level without increasing your pain. Also, through doing regular exercise, your body can produce its own pain-relieving hormones that are called endorphins.

Set up an appointment with a physio – Inertia Health Group today to relieve yourself of the pain you’ve been suffering for years now.