The Known Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

Arguably the unique of all types of blankets out there is the weighted blanket. It is something that people buy not just because they can use it for the usual function of providing comfort and warmth but more on the fact that it offers the remarkable benefit of relieving anxiety and stress. Yes, we are serious – there is a blanket that can rid you of problems like anxiety, insomnia, and tension.

There is a reason why people refer to it as the anxiety blanket since there have been countless testimonies from those who used it in the past that they got the relief they’ve been looking for their anxiety. Some people even claim that the blanket was a more effective solution compared to that of taking medication.

The term “weighted blanket” is referenced to its distinctiveness since it is heavier compared to conventional blankets. There are a handful of research and studies supporting the claim that it can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress as well as manage other disorders.

There is proof that weighted blankets help in reducing anxiety both in young children and adults. Instead of taking meds, the anxiety blanket is safer since it does not require ingestion of anything or making the body dissolve some form of the drug. The concept behind the weighted blanket is that people will achieve a unique level of relaxation while underneath it, whether they are merely resting or when asleep. The thing is there are numerous feedback and testimonies from people who said that with the blanket, they felt like they were finally able to experience deep sleep.

However, there is little surprise as to how the calming blanket helps you sleep and feel better. The thing is the added weight will ground your body while you sleep, naturally pushing it downwards. The process of grounding is the one responsible for providing a calming effect on the body.

Furthermore, there also is proof that the blankets help in simulating deep pressure touch, a form of therapy that takes advantage of firm hand pressure in the hope of reducing chronic stress as well as high levels of anxiety in individuals.

It also is worthy of mention that the natural process of grounding reduces the night-time levels of the hormone called “cortisol” in the body. If you are not familiar with it, medical experts call it as the stress hormone. The brain produces cortisol whenever it thinks that you are under some attack, thereby leading to the fight or flight response of the mind. If someone is stressed out, there is a considerable increase in the cortisol levels that the brain produces. The deep pressure touch provided by weighted blankets helps in breaking the cycle of creating high levels of cortisol when you are stressed out.