Plantation Shutters – A Modern Alternative

Traditional style shutters, also known as colonial shutters, have been around for over two hundred years and were originally used as an ornamental window covering, often covered in rabbit fur. Plantation Shutters w/ Discount Adelaide popularised this pattern during the colonial period. Plantation shutters became an essential window dressing. The shutters were originally made out of rabbit fur but can now be purchased at nearly any soft fabric.

Plantation Shutters w/ Discount AdelaideCottage-style or plantation shutters are a type of solid wood shutter that is quite popular among many homeowners today. This type of wood shutter could come in various woods, including cedar, pine, fir, elm, cherry and other hardwoods. These shutters were originally used as an indoor window treatment, much like panelling is used today. Some of these shutters were used to keep the warm outside during the winter months.

There are two types of Plantation Shutters w/ Discount Adelaide — traditional and plantation. The difference between these two types is the type of materials used to make the louvres. Traditionally, plantation shutters were made from hardwood, such as pine. These louvres would be attached to rods that would then go through holes punched in the wall. This technique produced enough louvres for the house to be effectively insulated.

With the advent of manufacturing and mechanisation, vinyl plantation shutters quickly replaced the wooden versions. Thus, it became possible to produce enough plantation shutters to cover a wide array of windows in a single building. While they still provide some insulation benefits, more recent manufacturing techniques have produced more flexible forms of production, which allows for a greater number of panels to be made at a lower cost.

Additionally, because these newer shutters tend to have less of a “hangover” when they are open, there is generally no longer any need for any “closing” process. As a result, this type of window treatment can be applied to various houses with fewer seams, producing a cleaner, more uniform product.

While wood shutters were always available in some form or another, it was not until recently that the PVC material was introduced. These plastic plantation shutters resemble traditional shutter panels’ appearance but are more durable than their wood counterparts. While they retain some of the wood shutters’ characteristics (such as the ability to keep out the morning dew), they can also be easier to install and clean. As a result, many homeowners now use PVC instead of wood.

Both wood and PVC are excellent window treatments. Both have a clean, modern look, and both require very little maintenance once installed. It makes them ideal choices for contemporary homes and offices. They also represent great value for money and offer a great alternative to traditional Plantation Shutters w/ Discount Adelaide.