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Are you looking to boost the functionality of your outdoor space? If so, get the most out of your outdoors by getting both a carport and a verandah. At Carports Verandahs Adelaide, We offer a variety of different outdoor features and the best quality products. We build to meet Australian standards and ensure that you will get the best outdoor structure and make the most out of your exterior space.


Carports Verandahs Adelaide is your leading construction company for the best outdoor features here in South Australia. We have more than a decade of professional expertise in the building and construction industry. We work closely with our customers in delivering the best quality solution and match what our customers need.


Carports Verandahs Adelaide also pride itself on providing professional construction and installation services. We specialise mainly in outdoor features, such as fencing, verandahs, carports, roller doors, and cladding in Adelaide and all surrounding areas. We aim to consistently do our job the right way and provide expert-quality services to our valued customers. We also offer construction products with the ideal design and characteristic that meets your expectations.



We offer the following services:


  • Professional drafting
  • Organise & Manage Council Approval
  • All-material construction
  • Personal Services – our workmen will work closely with you to ensure that they will also incorporate your preferences.


As our name implies, we specialise in both Carports & Verandahs.




We strongly prefer carports than standard garages. While carports are more exposed and open, it does provide other functional benefits and uses. You can use your carport as an outdoor shading feature for your afternoon barbecues, as well as a lounging area for you and your family to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. At Carports Verandahs Adelaide, we offer different kinds of carports that will not only look great but will also complement your entire home. All you have to do is select among an assortment of materials for your carport, as well as the design you like, and we’ll do the rest.




A verandah is a useful outdoor feature if you love staying outside and enjoying your landscaping. It serves as a roofed, open-air porch or gallery attached desire your home. It can serve as an excellent place for outdoor activities and events. Similar to our carports, we also offer different kinds of verandahs, depending on the material you prefer. Our main highlights are wood and steel verandahs. We can also mix and match various elements to come up with a verandah that not only looks good but will also complement your home.


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