How Do Orthotics Work to Improve Severe Foot Pain?

Orthotics are not just a simple heel pad or simple shoe insert that you can purchase at any athletic store. Instead, they are highly customized orthotic shoes or heel support explicitly designed for your foot. Your orthotic physician will conduct an initial physical examination of your foot. They will look for problems and unique areas that are particularly painful.

Orthotics-South-AustraliaBunions are the most common foot deformities that orthotics can correct. Also known as bunionettes, bunions usually appear when there is a break in the arch after you get a big toe knocked out through a door, accident, or fall. When the big toe continues to roll inwards, it can cause the bones on the side of the foot to rub and make your big toe roll outwards. This causes severe pain in the joint. Correcting bunions is essential to give you pain relief and prevent further injury.

Archtops are also called medallions. They are typically used for high arches, but they can also help people with flat feet, which need extra support. Archtops provide extra stability to flat feet and are custom orthotics for the feet and ankles. They are made to fit your exact size and shape. Archtops are great for people who suffer from chronic pain in their joints.

Cushions for the arches of your foot provide arch support and provide relief from back pain. Custom orthotics for the feet and ankles are designed to correct foot curvatures that cause back pain. When your arches do not correctly fit your shoes, you will develop problems with your posture. These problems can lead to pain in the joints.

Orthotics South Australia also correct other issues as well. For instance, if you have a naturally straight spine but develop a habit of turning your foot inward at the heel, you may develop foot arthritis. This is because turning your foot inward puts undue pressure on the back of the foot. The result can be arch stress, bunions, and foot inflammation. By wearing custom orthotics, you can get rid of this habit and lessen pressure on your spinal bones.

Custom orthotics can address other issues as well, such as corns and calluses. These can be painful, especially when they are tender and painful around the edge of the foot. If you have a chronic problem with these painful areas, talk to your foot doctor about orthotics.

Some people need to wear more than one orthotic for correct toe positioning. People who have high arches often need to wear custom orthotics to take pressure off their high arches. Wearing shoes with high heels can place excess pressure on the ball of the foot, which can cause injury. High arches can be corrected by orthotics that fit under the arch and over the top of the foot. This forces the arch to move downward, which takes the pressure off the foot. Also, high arches can be corrected through orthotics that raise the heel of the foot.

In some cases, doctors may prescribe orthotics for patients whose feet rub painfully against furniture in the home. This can be common with flat or wide feet that make it very difficult to walk across the house. Many orthotics will pull the foot inwards, taking pressure off the inner thighs. However, if the doctor finds out that the problem is due to physical deficiencies, he may prescribe orthotics to correct the problem. Specialists know how to measure your foot type to determine the best orthotic for you.

In addition to providing comfort and pain relief, orthotics can also prevent damage to the feet. It’s normal to experience pain after running, jumping, or exercising. However, if the pain continues for longer than a couple of weeks, a doctor should evaluate the possibility of plantar fasciitis. If it’s found that the pain is due to inflammation or a tear in the fascia, orthotics can repair or even rebuild the fascia.