Adult’s Role on PlayMap

The role of the adult is significant in supporting children’s learning through their daily engagement. Strong relationships are essential for children to learn and grow.

As a significant role model, adults are able to be involved in decision making regarding children’s well being and learning. This can be achieved through sensitive and respectful involvement while engaging in play alongside children. Even before children can crawl children play. Playing is an essential part of a child’s development that helps them grow physically, emotionally and socially.

Adults can support children to learn by planning learning environments with appropriate levels of challenge where children are encouraged to explore, experiment and take appropriate risks in their learning. Adults can encourage children to think for themselves, ask questions, and try new experiences, by allowing children to solve their own problems through trial and error. Praise for a child’s effort is vital when encouraging children to become resilient. Interacting with children during daily tasks and routines, adults can support children’s learning processes by, listening, watching, and talking together.

Families and communities are diverse, therefore every child will take a unique path through the Early Years Learning and Development Outcomes and require different levels of support.

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